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September 29, 2018
Lake Lanier Crappie Fishing Report January 15, 2019
This Lake Lanier Crappie report is from Dan Saknini, member of the Lanier Crappie Angler’
s Club.   
Water temperature is around 48 degrees.   If you go above Laurel Park on the
Chattahoochee side or north of Thompson Creek on the Chestatee you will notice
that the water is more stained as you get into the “S” turns.  Also, the water
temperature drops a few degrees at this point.  The river channel docks with
warmer water temps at 48 degrees will be your best options.  Our dock shooting
technique is producing well.  We’ve been catching better quality fish on the
Chattahoochee side of the lake, however if you want to catch greater numbers, the
Chestatee side of the lake will be your best option.  The bite is starting at fifteen to
twenty feet, but it is amazing how quickly the entire school will shallow up if they
decide to feed, sometimes up to eight feet below the surface. Many community
docks and marinas are holding fish.  If you are willing to invest the time to find them
by scanning with your electronics, it can pay off.  When you locate them, note the
depth that the fish are suspended and work the jig directly above their heads.  The
way the eyes are positioned on the crappies’ heads, they are always looking up.  
Therefore, if the jig is below them it is difficult for them to see and respond to it.  
Jiffy jigs in a variety of colors and hair jigs are working well, but the soft body Bobby
Garland jigs tend to skip the water easier. This will assist you in getting your jig all
the way to the back of the dock when using the shooting technique.  .  I’ve been
trying many different Bobby Garland colors new to me, and I am very impressed.  
Bobby Garland is by far my favorite bait right now, especially with their exciting new
colors.  The fish are holding tight to the structure and it is very critical to keep the jig
in their strike zone.  With the colder temperatures, their metabolism has slowed and
they are not willing to chase your jig.  You will also notice that the color of the
crappie has turned to pale white, which is an indication they have gone to deeper
pockets.  The females have begun to develop eggs and you will see their bellies
starting to become distended, even though the spawn is still a good distance
away.   The bait will lead you to the fish, so pay attention to your graph.  Threadfins
are the bait of choice for crappie.     Stay safe on the water and wear your life