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Crappie Fishing Report February 14, 2018
This Lake Lanier Crappie report is from Dan Saknini, member of the Lanier Crappie
Angler’s Club.  
Water temperatures are in the low to mid 50’s.  That is 10 degrees
higher than last week.  The backs of the creeks are heavily stained,
and that is where you find the warmest water temps.  The lake level
went up about a foot in the past week, and the floating debris is
abundant all over the lake making navigation hazardous.  Be careful, as
some logs are water logged and below or even with the water surface.  
Fishing conditions have improved, but the number one question I get
asked is “where is the bait?”  A handful of creeks are showing signs of
bait.  Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the bait that survived
the cold are hanging in the channels in deep water, up to 110 foot
depths.  Sooner than later, the bait will shallow up.  With the trash
floating and wedged in docks, we are having a hard time getting our
jigs past the trash to sink - it is very challenging.  But homeowners had
to bring their docks in with the rising lake levels, and some of the brush
piles that are usually underneath the docks are now on the outer edges
of the docks.  Take advantage of those locations as they are much
easier to fish.  With these water temperatures, you can’t help but think
the pre-spawn is here.  The crappie are looking for food and are
shallowing up for the spawn.  Darker jigs are still recommended in
moderate to heavily stained water.  Fishing should get easier over the
next few weeks, so get out on the water, enjoy the warmer weather and
catch some fish!

Stay safe on the water and wear your life jacket!