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September 29, 2018
Lake Lanier Crappie Fishing Report October 11, 2018
This Lake Lanier Crappie fishing report is from Dan Saknini,
member of the Lanier Crappie Angler’s Club.  
Water temperature is hovering around 80 degrees, a little cooler
in the morning.  I suspect that the backs of the creeks are
moderately to heavily stained with around 4” of rainfall this week.  
Except for this past Monday, the combination of rain and wind
kept most anglers off the lake.  The ones who fished on Monday,
did well targeting deeper docks with structure below or nearby.  
Also, submerged brush piles have plenty of fish on them.  Having
said that, put your electronics to use – sidescan and downscan
can be very helpful this time of year.  If I’m fishing a dock, the
Bobby Garland soft body grub seems to be working well.  When
fishing brush piles, you might get more action using a hair jig.  
There is good weather ahead of us, with cooler temps which will
lower the water temperature and increase the bite even more.  
There is almost certainly a great deal of debris in the water, so be
vigilant, and be careful.   

Be safe on the water!  Wear your life jacket, it can save your life!