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Crappie Fishing Reports
LCA Crappie Challenge 2/24/2018 Results
Lake Lanier Crappie Fishing Report April 18, 2018
This Lake Lanier Crappie fishing report is from Dan Saknini, member of the Lanier Crappie
Angler’s Club.  
This time of year we often hear the comment “if the dogwoods are blooming, the crappie
are biting”.  Even though most of the dogwood blooms are gone, fish need to eat all year,
so we target them all year using various methods.  Current water temps are in the mid-
sixties which is ideal for catching crappie.  Fishing is good to excellent.  We are now fishing
the post-spawn, and as we have said many times, crappie ALWAYS relate to structure.
They may leave their habitat in pursuit of bait, but they always return.  That is why you can
target fish using several different methods right now.  If you prefer using crappie minnows
under a cork, the blowdowns and brush piles close to docks in shallower water, along with
areas nearby are still going to be your best bet.  Blowdowns are beginning to produce
quality fish, especially if you see a few surrounding weeds.  Do not overrule using a jig.  In
my opinion, it may work better.  As stated in the past, some of these blowdowns are in 10
feet of water, but some are in 20 feet of water, depending on the size of the tree.  Look at
the size of the trunk, compare to nearby trees and estimate the height of the similar trees.  
Also look at the slope of the bank.  All these factors, along with your electronics, will help
you determine the location and depth of the tree below the water line.  Make sure you fish
the blowdown at every possible angle before moving on.  After you finish fishing a
blowdown, ride over it with your downscan and it will give you the accurate depth of the tree
as a reference for your next trip.  Especially when the fish are shallow, we avoid going over
them prior to fishing a spot.  If the spot was a good producer, you may also want to mark a
waypoint on your electronics.  Hair jigs and soft body jigs are working well.  Long line
trolling, is also working well.  The fish chasing bait are the targets of this method.  If you are
a dock shooter, game on!  We are catching them inside docks at various depths with
structure (both deep and shallow) and getting photos of impressive catches from our
members.  Warmer days together with good fishing is a great recipe for an awesome time
on the lake.  Lately, the changes in weather and the resulting wind is challenging since we
get the best results using light to medium action rods.  Also, the wind makes it difficult to
keep consistent distances from the docks with your trolling motor. We hope that as the
weather stabilizes, the winds will lay down and allow more enjoyable fishing.  Take
advantage of any calm days that you can get out on the water and enjoy some good
crappie fishing!
Wear your life jacket it can save your life!