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September 29, 2018
Lake Lanier Crappie Fishing Report November 7, 2018
This Lake Lanier Crappie report is from Dan Saknini, member of the Lanier Crappie Angler’s Club.
Water temperature is in the upper 60’s but with colder weather
combined with cold rain, I suspect it will drop quickly. If you are
fishing in the northern lake areas, you will notice even cooler
water temperatures and a change in the water color.  We are
experiencing the typical fall pattern a few weeks later in the
year, but fishing conditions are good to excellent.  Stand alone
brush piles are still our major targets. The ideal brush piles are
currently at twenty foot to thirty five foot depths. Your downscan
electronics can help you determine whether fish are holding on
the brush piles you find. Some brush piles will hold more fish
than others. Our club members continue to report great catches.
This is a wonderful time of the year to get on fish and catch them
steadily. If you can locate fish in deeper brush piles, thirty to
thirty five feet, you may want to consider vertical jigging. The bite
is very sensitive. Bobby Garland in different colors, Crappie
Assassin, Jiffy Jigs and tube jigs are all working equally well for
us. If you have a favorite jig, just try it. Chances are it will work.
If you are fishing with someone, try using different jigs and see
what’s working best at that location. Expect the bite to continue
getting stronger as the water temperature drops.

Be safe on the water!  Wear your life jacket, it can save your life!