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Crappie Fishing Reports
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September 29, 2018
October 28, 2020
Lake Lanier Crappie Fishing Report October 28, 2020
The water temperature is around 72 degrees.  Due to the heavy rain from the
hurricane, flooding, occurred in the rivers and caused a sudden rise in the lake
level.  When that happens, there is a great deal of floating debris in the lake.  It is
still impacting navigation and is more noticeable from the middle of the lake and
further north.  Be vigilant, especially watching for waterlogged trees that can barely
be seen.  When the lake rose suddenly, the crappie abandoned the brush piles we
were catching them on. So, dock fishing got better and the fish we are catching
got bigger.  Fishing remains good and our club members that are taking
advantage of this have been sending us excellent reports and pictures of their
catches. As we have started our meetings back up, we share information and tips,
and our newer members can capitalizing on that, ask questions  and can hopefully
apply the information for more productive outings. It’s all about time on the water,
and networking will help you improve your catches. The fish are beginning to move
back to the brush piles, but there are still plenty on docks at 20 foot depths or
deeper.  The creeks and the main channels from the middle of the lake and north
are moderately stained. If you prefer the challenge of shooting docks, that is
always going to produce fish.  A helpful tip: when you are looking at your
electronics, pay attention to the concentration of bait in these pockets. The bait will
lead you to the fish. We typically use a one-twenty fourth or one sixteenth ounce jig
head.  When the wind starts to pick up, use the heavier jig head, With the
moderate stain, I’ve been using darker jig colors.  As you notice, the leaves that
are falling can drift into the docks and can create a challenge for your jig to sink.  
Be patient.  You may have to shoot a few times, pulling leaves and pine needles
away so that you can remove them from your target. This will continue until the
leaves are gone.   
The leaves are changing color, so take advantage of the beauty of our lake.  Have
fun, and stay safe on the water: wear your life jacket, and hope to see you at the
meetings the last Thursday of each month!