Ed lives in Cumming, GA and is retired, joined the club in April of 2014. Ed states that he joined the Lanier Crappie Anglers Club
to learn about fishing for crappie and for the friendship. He claims that he is an expert at nothing in particular but a “jack of all
trades!” He is married and his favorite quote is “live every day as though it is your last”. Ed states that life has taught him to be
compassionate, patient and hold no grudges, so if you are in the same boat with him fishing, anyone that beats his best of a 21
lb striper, he says he will help them celebrate! Although Ed has not won any awards for fishing that he admits, the club members
think that he is well on his way! Ed’s hobbies include fishing of course, golf and woodworking and he is involved in gospel and
enjoys country music. A true Georgia Tech fan (it’s in his blood…), Ed was born in the USA and says he is Southern by the grace
of God!
Ed Phillips